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Online and Virtual Team Building makes remote teams feel as tight-knit as on-site teams. We propose activities that leverage purpose and enthusiasm to plan crowd-pleasing virtual team building activities.

Strategically designed virtual team building activities reinforce a shared team identity. These activities mitigate the engagement-draining challenges of a remote or distributed workforce.

Our virtual events provide your teams the possibility to connect and re-energize

  • Our virtual team bonding activities can involve participants located anywhere, any city, any country.

  • We run activities for clients in Asia (HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan,…), Australia, France, UK, Germany and more.

  • Our virtual team bonding activities can accommodate small teams (less than 10 pax) or large teams (several hundreds)

  • We develop new programs regularly. We can also customize one for you.

Virtual Team Race

Virtual Team Race Program highlight Series of activities that require the team participants to communicate and share information to succeed. Each challenge has a time

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Searching for Valentina

Searching for Valentina Program highlight A Bonding Activity for Virtual Teams A virtual treasure hunt across the globe, from the comfort of your computer. Designed

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Unlock It!

Unlock It! Program highlight A Virtual Treasure Hunt You only have 60 minutes to open a safe filled with gold stolen by “The Professor”. To

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TeamTalk & LiveAct Challenge

TeamTalk & LiveAct Challenge Program highlight A Fun Team Activity for Maximum Interaction   Combine our expertise of collaborative fun within a slick video conferencing interface Add an

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In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate most effectively have prevailed.

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